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Dubai Global Events Re-opening Forum

Web meeting | Dubai Global Events Re-opening Forum

How Exhibition Re-open: the Case Studies of Gitex and Gulfood in Dubai

In the midst of the global pandemic since early 2020, Dubai was the first city in the world to host global-scale international trade exhibitions organized with new health and safety protocols in attendance.

Most recently, between December 2020 and February 2021, the Dubai World Trade Center (DWTC) spearheaded the “safe” and global reopening of large-scale international events by successfully organizing two of the largest “live” fairs in the world, attracting buyers and exhibitors from over 150 countries.

Key factors to promote the trust of businesses in the reference supply chains and to accelerate the recovery of all the main tourism-related sectors of the United Arab Emirates.

One year after the closure of the global exhibitions, the main stakeholders of Dubai share their success and their 12 months of work experience, to create the greatest and safest return to the "live" events sector, laying the foundations for a sustained recovery able to be a new standard for all global economies.

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Digitalisation & Data Monetization: Harnessing the potential of data and ways to monetise it

Web meeting | Digitalisation & Data Monetization: Harnessing the potential of data and ways to monetise it

In today’s world, most companies are thinking about data monetization. But it is not easy to identify and implement such a strategy.

Data monetization starts from the concept that data is valuable… and that “data is the new oil”, but insights gathered from this data can be more valuable for specific industry niches, and Exhibitions can lead this vertical space.

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The present and future of the exhibition industry, according to exhibition industry professionals

The Voice of the Exhibition Industry Market Outlook – Wave 1

It was early June 2020 when GRS Research & Strategy launched the first edition of “The Voice of the Exhibition Industry” Market Outlook. The purpose behind this initiative was to gather information about the current situation the exhibition industry was facing after 3 months of lockdown and postponement / cancellation of events, and what the expectations are for the months to come.

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