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What is the forecast for the Exhibition Industry after Covid-19?

The “Exhibition Outlook” research launched by GRS Research & Strategy in the month of June 2020 presents the point of view of a very significant number of Exhibition industry professionals, tracing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, providing business intelligence critical to effective decision making.

The research is divided in 4 main sections:

  1. Current Situation
  2. Forecast
  3. Scenario
  4. Virtual Events

All the results are free and available online 👉 https://outlook.exponetwork.it/en/results

Key findings

73% of respondents will have at least one planned event in the last quarter of 2020 (37% even earlier, in Q3-2020).


58% of respondents who are responsible for a single event said this was growing until the Covid-19 pandemic. Attendance by national visitors and exhibitors should go back to what it was before within 2 editions, whereas the presence of international guests and revenues in general will take longer


This is confirmed by professionals in charge of more than one event, mostly C-Level: more than 40% of which are not expecting a recovery in terms of revenues and number of international visitors to pre-pandemic figures before 2022


Next sessions

3. Scenario
4. Virtual Events

will be discussed in the upcoming blog posts.

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