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“The Voice of the Exhibition Industry”

The impact of Covid-19
in the Exhibition Industry


In these difficult times, GRS Research & Strategy is pleased to support the Exhibition Industry by launching the

Exhibition Industry Outlook - The impact of COVID-19

The Exhibition Industry Outlook is an ongoing research aimed at capturing KPIs and major transformations our industry
is going through, directly from the point of view of hundreds of professionals across the world.

Results are a snapshot of the mood of the whole industry, tracing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and
subsequent economic recovery efforts, providing business intelligence critical to effective decision making.

The Exhibition Industry Outlook investigates the full spectrum of the Exhibition industry with a focus on the
main countries, taking in the views of Event Organizers, and along with
Venues/Exhibitions, Conference centers, Associations,
Suppliers (contractors, catering, IT services, etc.) and other actors of the industry.

The Points of View

The Exhibition Industry Outloook investigates the full spectrum
of the Exhibition industry


Trade shows, large events and conferences organizers, etc.


Exhibition centres,
convention centres, etc.


Products and services for the exhibition/large events industry


Your point of view is valuable for the whole industry, participate in the survey!

Click the link here below to start the survey. It will take just few minutes. 

The Research project

The research is carried out by GRS Research & Strategy, a leading strategic research and consulting company specialized in insights and advisory services to drive growth and profitability of venues, exhibition organizers, large events and visitor attractions.

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What They're Saying

The Exhibition industry’s most crucial COVID-19 indicator is here.
We are proud to have created this space to collect the thoughts and opinions of our industry. I thank in advance all the respondents.

Enrico Gallorini (CEO, GRS Research & Strategy)

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